A perfect descriptive paragraph

Homework is to write a perfect descriptive paragraph of an animal.  To be typed correctly onto our year 6 site (here).

Just leave a comment below, with your perfect descriptive paragraph.
Please don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear straight away – as you know all our comments are moderated.  That means it takes a little while before it goes online.



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30 responses to “A perfect descriptive paragraph

  1. Rachel

    I have yellow and black stripes i love buzzing and i have wings and i make honey and it’s really yummy

  2. Kyra

    I’m blue Ilive in the sea .I have black eyes I am very
    good at swimming and diving. sharks are scared of me. They eat fish they are nice and friendly to people they don’t heart you.

  3. Rachel

    I’m furry and fat and white i live in the snow and i have a black nose and black eyes. I eat fish and im a good swimmer. When its really cold I cant fell the coldness

    who am i

  4. Rachel

    Im yellow and I have black spots and im a very fast runner. I live in a hot place. I can be a male or femal. I have sharp teeth and i love meat. I catch my pray i like eating somthing with black or white sripes.

    who am i

  5. Hadjer

    My kitten is so fast and she goes hipper like me. Her name is sassy she has green eyes and she has black and white fur. Sassy has a sisster named Kiki. Kiki is black and white to and she dose have green eyes. Kiki has a owna named mehdi. Mehdi has a dad named radhid and rashid buyed him Kiki for his birthday.

  6. Hey Digital Elf, Cate and I say you need to log out as well as chill out. Lochie says ‘peace out’.

    Well done year 6 for finding the right place to put your homework task. Why did Nicolas shout his second entry ? Why have only some of us got capital letters for our names ? Who are the children that know they are important ? When do we use capital letters ? How many times already in your life have you been asked this question ? Does it wear you out being asked the same question by teachers? Do you think you are wearing your teachers out? What does a worn out teacher look like?

  7. NICOLA$


  8. Malahi

    These creatures are normaly small, I get them im my house alot, they are hairy, they have 8 legs and they crawl around the walls aswell as crawling on the floor, these creatures are balck, orange, brown and many other colors. This creautre is a spider ( I hate them )

  9. yasser

    The animal is one of the five cats .They live in africa.The male has something called a mane females mostly do the hunting

  10. $Bjorn$

    They live in the sea and alot of them live in Venezuela.
    They have VERY sharp teeth and are VERY dangerous.
    Usually these things are about 15cm-25cm but some are 43cm.
    Sometimes their teeth are used for weapons such as spears and a lot more when they are killed.
    There is a game that is related to them called P****** Panic.

    Have you guessed what it is??????

  11. kamal

    my favouret animal is a tigrer they live in a wild life they can run realy fast

  12. georgia

    They come in lots of breeds and colours there cute and mostly kept as pets. Some people don’t like them and they can have fleas.

  13. Fezia

    The German shepherd dog is called Deutscher shaeferhund in german, is a breed large-sized dog started by Germany. Their name was named by Von Stephanitz. Their hight is about 63 cm. They are the 3rd intelligent dogs.

  14. lochie

    a grey howling animal.eyes staring up at tghe moon sparkling.its brothers would be called pack brothers.it is a predator.it hunts in packs. what am i?

  15. Amy

    Well done everyone who has completed this task. I am especially pleased with those children who wrote their own descriptions rather than cutting and pasting.

  16. Durdana

    Dogs, there are many different types of dogs like Boxer. You should walk the dogs and give them food on time. Policedogs should be trained and there are d0gs for blind people to help the people who are blind.

  17. Caleb

    Cheetahs can run 100meters in 3seconds,they can run up to 90 miles an hour witch makes them the fastest land animal in the world!

  18. Caleb

    Vultures can fly higher than mount Everest.They can fly upto 11kilometers.( 2 kilometers higher than mount everest).

  19. Motayyab

    When it dives for prey it can go faster then a sports car. They are large birds. They mainly feed on fish. They can also swim, using their wings to propel themselves through the water. Their normal habitat is in forests near shores of rivers. They usually hunt at day.

    What am I?

  20. kafi

    These creatures live in the sea. they are very tiny, and are eaten by larger fish in the sea. Without these small creatures the whole food chain would collapse. They have little or no swimming ability, so they rely on the currents of the ocean to carry them along. There are fossils of this type in the white cliffs of Dover. One speicies of this animal has the richest sorce of protein in the ocean. It looks like a very small shrimp.They can be in ponds lakes and seas. These creatures are very sensitve to the sun.

  21. marcus

    Cheetahs can run up to 90 miles per hour.
    Cheetahs are very smart animals. Cheetahs are natural born hunters so they hunt for their food so their babies can grow strong.
    Females reach maturity in twenty to twenty-four months, and males around twelve months (although they do not usually mate until at least three years old), and mating occurs throughout the year.

  22. sarah

    They come in many colours and sizes and they live up to 18 years mostly in peoples houses.They love to go out at night, this might be because of their ancient African ancestors.They belong to a family called the felids and evolved over 12 million years ago.

  23. Cate

    It is very slow. Their brown shell is their home. It would not be a good idea it step on one because there shell is very fragile. They leave long trails. There bodies are green. When you walk past one it gets scared and goes back into its shell. What am I?

  24. pheobe

    They are fat,grey an some can have white they eat mostly grains, as well as seeds, fruit, green leaves, and insects like spiders. Fruits can be apples or berries, and greens can be spinach or lettuce.They can fly.

  25. pheobe

    They are truly unique and not just because of their equite shape. Unlike other creatures of it’s kind they are monogamous and mate for life.They are carnivores and live between 1-5 years.They are one of the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.They are the equivalent size of a tea cup and there are 35 species.

  26. quddusia

    Discription: It has been interacting whith humans for a long as we have known of their existence. they are also intelligent and freindly. It lives in water and they eat fish,octopus,crap,squid and other see food. They breath through there blowholes not there mouth like people do. Some of them have a bottlenose and its grey whith light bellby. They can be grey . There are 5 diffrent species of them.

  27. jacob

    Long white fluffy ears. Pink heart shaped wet nose. White fluffy chubby body and large thumping paws. White bobed tail.

  28. Atiya

    Had two legs and was 40 feet long. It’s jaws were up to 4 feet long and it’s teeth grew up to be 13 inches long. Had bumpy skin like a crocodile. Some scientists think could go up to 15 MPH. Weighed 5-7 tons. It’s arms were 3 feet long. Had a stride length of around 12 to 15 feet

  29. Atiya

    Description: Soft grey coat, white on belly. Head and limbs are marked with solid black or brown spots; body is covered with brown blotches ringed with black, and a black streak runs down the back. Tail is heavy with fur and the bottom of the paws are covered with fur — for protection against snow and cold. The winter coat is lighter in color.

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