Secondary School

Just about now is the time when we find out which secondary school we will be going to.  Most of us have now got our letters from Wandsworth,  although some of us haven’t received them yet!  It’s an interesting time for us all,  as the reality of  leaving Riversdale is sinking in……

As you know, many of our old pupils come back to us and say hello, and even though you will be moving on,  Riversdale is still here!  AND you know where to find our websites now and how to leave comments – perhaps we need to make a page just for old Riversdale pupils!

It’s a very exciting time…… yes, we know a few of you are now on waiting lists for a different school from the one you have been given, and yes, it can seem like a daunting change.  However, as a class, (and you are a lovely class!) you are ready – step into your future with strong hearts and happy thoughts!

Anyway, as some of you have already starting to comment on this subject, I have opened up a post just for you guys….so leave your comments below!



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4 responses to “Secondary School

  1. Amy

    Now the waiting for your school place is over, you can look forward to all the new experiences you are going to have. Remember to work your hardest these last few months at primary school, so that you make the best possible start at secondary school…….

  2. Cate

    Well done for everyone in year 6 on their secondry schools. I wish us good luck for going into a new school. It will be really sad to leave you guys in the summer but I am sure that we will all bump into each other. xx

  3. Cate

    burntwood! Here we comeeeee!!! xx

  4. Rachel

    hi year six whats up did all of ya like your secondary schools i no i did Ascroft


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