Flixtime – Movie Magic

As you know, today we made our first Flixtime videos! Remember I asked you to forward me the email with your video in it? Well, I had an email back, and here is Cates video…. if you click on it, it will open up in Flixtime, and you will be able to play it.

As Cate has used really good quality images, her video looks great played on full screen!

If you check out our YouTube channel here, you will find that I have uploaded my latest Flixtime film. Unless you have your own YouTube account, you won’t be able to do that – however, if you send me the link to your video, I will add it to our Media Page, or I might even start a new ‘Flixtime’ page. (I can see a lot of you using this for fun at home!). Forward me the email that you received giving you the link to your Flixtime film. Technically it will be possible to put our Flixtime movies on our school YouTube channel, I am looking into it.

So, underneath this blog you may leave a comment – tell me what you liked about using Flixtime, and any of your suggestions/ideas – how you think we may use Flixtime within school? I have lots of ideas too!



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5 responses to “Flixtime – Movie Magic

  1. Hi, we love the Flixtime videos! We were wondering if we could use some of your experiences posted to the site as testimonials on Flixtime?

    • Hiya Jennifer – so happy you loved our Flixtimes! We have a great time in our class, going through all the Flixtime movies the kids have made the night before at home… I can’t keep up with the amount they manage to do – I am trying to get links to them all posted on our Flixtime page.

      Re. using our experiences as testimonials – sounds good, but could you please email us at riversdalelondon@yahoo.co.uk so we can discuss this further – looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Cate


    I have made a another video at home. I hope we will get time to see it in class.


  3. Kafi

    What is the e-mail I should send it to? Ive made 2 more videos, but I dont know where to send them to, because I dont have the right e-mail adress.

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