Exploring artifacts – from the Second World War

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Wandsworth Museum came into school to tell us about all the different things that happened in WW2. They asked us what we knew first. On the board they drew a mind map and we told them all the different things that we already knew.

There were lots of big boxes that they had brought, full of artifacts, (things that were from a long time ago). The first one we were shown looked like a mushroom. We asked lots of different questions to find out what it was – it was a darning mushroom! (Something that helps you to darn things like socks.)

After splitting into four groups we were given a box or bag that had different artifacts inside it. We then had to discover who the things belonged to, and why they had them. We were like detectives! There was lots of many different kinds of evidence to help us.

At the end we had to tell the rest of the class who our mystery person was, and present and talk about our evidence to the class. It was great fun, and we got to dress up as our character!

Reported by: Nicholas Boyd

Find more about the wonderful Wandsworth Museum here: http://www.wandsworthmuseum.co.uk/

If you could have chosen who to be in the Second World War, who would you be, and why?



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6 responses to “Exploring artifacts – from the Second World War

  1. Rhiann Quick

    Year 6 I hope you all do well in your SATS next week !:)

  2. Rhiann quick

    Please reply soon cant wait to hear from you x

  3. Hey, riversdale i miss the school soo much i wish i never left you guys look like your having loads of fun And i wish i could of had you as a year 6 teacher amy. Miss all you guys soooo much

  4. sarah yr 7

    hi amy i miss school sooooo much. its going great at st cecilias tell wendy i said hi

    • WendyElf

      Hiya – great to hear from you too! School life if carrying at Riversdale, having lots of fun and working hard (and that’s me and Amy, never mind the students!).
      Drop into our Radiowaves site sometime and read what we have been up to – we have been busy!

      • Rhiann Quick

        Hey Everyone at riversdale if i didnt leave i would be in yr 6 with Amy as a great teacher (I will never forget any of you) Hope to see some of you in the summer holiday because im coming down to see some of you xx Hope you are all well and doing great Really hope to hear back from you soon x

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