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Halloween video special

Riversdale School assembly provided lots of photos that could be used to help make this special Halloween video!


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Pakistan Day

Riversdale held a Pakistan Day on 19th October 2010. All the different classes took part in activities about Pakistan.

Year 6 took part in experiencing how people felt in Pakistan and India when India was partitioned and Pakistan was created in 1947. They also did an activity where they picked traditional Asian sweets and then wrote an advert for it.

Lots of people, both children and staff, had a henna pattern painted on their hands, (for a 20p donation towards the flood relief fund) and everyone could wear Pakistani clothes or wear green and white if they wanted!
Reported  by Shoaib Рyear 6

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Archibald the evacuee

Year 6 had a special visitor from the 2nd World War period. Archibald is an evacuee. Year 6 asked intelligent and thought provoking questions in order to find out as much as possible from Archibald about his evacuation experience.

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