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Pakistan Day

Riversdale held a Pakistan Day on 19th October 2010. All the different classes took part in activities about Pakistan.

Year 6 took part in experiencing how people felt in Pakistan and India when India was partitioned and Pakistan was created in 1947. They also did an activity where they picked traditional Asian sweets and then wrote an advert for it.

Lots of people, both children and staff, had a henna pattern painted on their hands, (for a 20p donation towards the flood relief fund) and everyone could wear Pakistani clothes or wear green and white if they wanted!
Reported  by Shoaib – year 6


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Riversdale Car Wash – buckets at the ready!

Time to get wet!

Students in year 6 were well prepared with their buckets and lovely new sponges. Gathered in the car park at school, they cleaned and splashed and had a great deal of fun cleaning the cars of all the staff.

It was all in aid of a fund-raising event, to help get enough money together to pay for an upgrade on our Radiowaves account. We started out with a free account that gave 60mb of space, but we soon ran out of that! Check out our channel on Radiowaves to see what we get up to over there…..

Some of us had never washed a car before, and were amazed at how filthy they could get!  One of us even became the ‘bird pooh’ expert, and was called over to do a bit of specialist cleaning whenever a large splodge of the feathered waste variety appeared…

Wendy, Miranda and Linda took plenty of photos of the event – Amy was involved in the endless filling of water buckets and was the general commander-in-action.  Wendy keeps talking about a film she will be making of the afternoon (once again, she took loads of footage), but for now, please enjoy the lovely Smilebox…..

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: At the Car Wash!


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Meeting the Mayor of Wandsworth

As you might know, Riversdale took part in the elections last week. We held our own Riversdale elections! Click here to read about it and watch the video of the events that took place. The mayor of Wandsworth heard about what we had been doing, and invited us to the Town Hall to meet her. Here is the  Smilebox of our visit…..

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Town Hall - meeting the Mayor
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Riversdale Election Winner

And the winning party is…..
All the election candidates really enjoyed the whole election process! They all received an amazing hat, and the winner, the Ginger Party (by only 3 votes) also received a special ‘party pack’.  Well done for everyone throughout the school for taking part, and a special big thank you to the candidates….

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Riversdale Revels in Electrifying Election

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Riversdale Elections
Our Smilebox

Normally school age children find the election of a new prime minister a boring process. Their television programmes are taken from the schedule and instead are replaced with dry political debate. However, at Riversdale Primary School every child is eagerly participating in the election process.
Each child wrote their own manifesto as to what their policies would be if they were elected Prime Minister.  These ranged from Felicity in Year one stating that she would make sure that everybody who had to go to hospital would have someone to hold their hand, to Cate in year 6 who would personally fill in every pothole in the country.
Children elected an MP for every class and then the hustings were held.  Each MP and their team have produced banners, posters, badges and flyers. Every child will visit the ballot box on Thursday May 6th and cast their vote!
Will it be – the Happy Party, the Sports Party, the Ginger Party, the Riverservatives, the SuperHero Party, the Magic Party.  We wait with debated breath!

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