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Chocolate and Kitty – Flixtime

Hiya – I have decided that as our Flixtime page is getting rather full now, whenever anyone sends me a link I will post their work as a new post. This way, as I will tag it as a Flixtime, we can always find it later on…..  So, when you send me the links, you can add any extra words you would like me to include with your Flixtime.  For instance, with this one about the chocolate ice cream, this refers to a poll we did in class on Friday. We voted to buy chocolate ice-cream when we go and see the Lion King show.  (Thank you Amy for organising the buying of it!)


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BluePeter Helen – Flixtime

Click here to see our Blue Peter Helen experienced through a Flixtime.

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Blue Peter Helen and Year 6

Blue Peter and the Send A Smile charity appeal

Thousands of children are born each year with a cleft lip or cleft palate, preventing them from eating, speaking or even smiling. In many parts of the world these children are hidden away, prevented from attending school and face an uncertain future. Operation Smile sends teams of volunteer medical professionals to provide free reconstructive surgery.  To help Operation Smile, Blue Peter launched their Send a Smile charity appeal – asking everyone to make hospital gowns out of t-shirts to be used as hospital gowns.

Blue Peter had an amazing response to their Send a Smile charity appeal. The appeal target was was 20,000 hospital gowns, yet they managed to reach a staggering 90,000 gowns in total…  Every gown you made and sent saved approximately £3 — money that can now be used to fund more operations for children waiting to receive surgery.

Helen, one of the Blue Peter presenters, had a great morning with the children of year 6, being photographed wearing some of the amazing gowns.  The gowns were all being stored in a storage place just down the road from Riversdale – and we went along to help Helen show the world what an amazing job they had done.  So here we are, wearing some of the gowns – the ones we wore were all made by famous people, like Lady Gaga, the Chucklebunnies, the Sugar Babes, JLS, nDub…… and…. (I will edit this and add all of the names of those I can remember later). If any of you Year 6 can remember who your gown was made by leave a comment and let us know!  Tell us what us was like meeting Helen.

Helen came and talked to us for 40 mins as we waited for everyone to get the boxes in the right places!  She is an amazing person and chatted away to us about football, Blue Peter secrets, how to get a badge, what kind of musicians we liked – and we could ask any question we liked! It was an awesome experience….  We thought it was very funny when she broke a tiny bit off the corner of the shelf she was sitting on but managed to fix it, saying ‘I ‘m on Blue Peter so I know what to do!’

Watch our Flixtime

Cate has made a Blue Peter Flixtime – click here to see it.

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