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Halloween video special

Riversdale School assembly provided lots of photos that could be used to help make this special Halloween video!


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Riversdale Revels in Electrifying Election

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Riversdale Elections
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Normally school age children find the election of a new prime minister a boring process. Their television programmes are taken from the schedule and instead are replaced with dry political debate. However, at Riversdale Primary School every child is eagerly participating in the election process.
Each child wrote their own manifesto as to what their policies would be if they were elected Prime Minister.  These ranged from Felicity in Year one stating that she would make sure that everybody who had to go to hospital would have someone to hold their hand, to Cate in year 6 who would personally fill in every pothole in the country.
Children elected an MP for every class and then the hustings were held.  Each MP and their team have produced banners, posters, badges and flyers. Every child will visit the ballot box on Thursday May 6th and cast their vote!
Will it be – the Happy Party, the Sports Party, the Ginger Party, the Riverservatives, the SuperHero Party, the Magic Party.  We wait with debated breath!

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Try Glogging!!!

Click here to see my first Glog, full size.

Am thinking of doing a Glog about all the great web sites I have found… or one about my allotment!  I think they will be great to use in school too, on lots of different subjects.

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Chocolate and Kitty – Flixtime

Hiya – I have decided that as our Flixtime page is getting rather full now, whenever anyone sends me a link I will post their work as a new post. This way, as I will tag it as a Flixtime, we can always find it later on…..  So, when you send me the links, you can add any extra words you would like me to include with your Flixtime.  For instance, with this one about the chocolate ice cream, this refers to a poll we did in class on Friday. We voted to buy chocolate ice-cream when we go and see the Lion King show.  (Thank you Amy for organising the buying of it!)

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BluePeter Helen – Flixtime

Click here to see our Blue Peter Helen experienced through a Flixtime.

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Lion King – our video

As we are all going to see the Lion King show in London we have been very busy drawing, writing letters, and watching DVD’s about it.  Here is our own video, with the wonderful voices of a couple of people we will recognise! Click here to watch the video.


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Riversdale – The Movie

Year 6 storyboarded and filmed this wonderful movie, all about Riversdale.  This was our entry for the Teaching Awards ‘Film Your School’ competition, which was sent off in time for the deadline of 1st March.

Groups of children went around the school armed with video cameras and their storyboards to film glimpses of life in Riversdale School.

Click here to watch it on our YouTube channel.

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