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One small planet

I like this widget you see below because it makes the world look a smaller place…….(click here to see it in action on our Radiowaves pages)……whenever you read the page where this spinning world is, a red dot appears on the spinning globe – see yourself….. and see where others have been before you.

It reminds me of our One Small Planet video, where you get a great glimpse of exactly where Riversdale is on the planet…..

Tell me – what part of this beautiful world do you inhabit?

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Try Glogging!!!

Click here to see my first Glog, full size.

Am thinking of doing a Glog about all the great web sites I have found… or one about my allotment!  I think they will be great to use in school too, on lots of different subjects.

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Fun links to image change/save software!

I have been having a great time playing with new online web sites I have discovered.  This one was recommended to us on our RadioWaves site by Atiya. (See the great pic I made on the left!).  Click here for the

PhotoFunia is a whizzo site where you can get high quality images at the end of your playing about with your pictures. Click here to go there.

Gadwin Print Screen is screen capturing software that I use all the time.  Basically, if you have an image on your screen, you can use GadwinPrintScreen to capture that image and save it to your hard drive. Yes, you can also right click an image, then ‘save image as’, but GadwinPrintScreen is more versatile.  You can save anything at all you see on your screen, AND crop it to the size you want as you are doing so.  It’s how I capture the images to put online here to show your Flixtime movies  (and actually every other image too!).


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Riversdale – The Movie

Year 6 storyboarded and filmed this wonderful movie, all about Riversdale.  This was our entry for the Teaching Awards ‘Film Your School’ competition, which was sent off in time for the deadline of 1st March.

Groups of children went around the school armed with video cameras and their storyboards to film glimpses of life in Riversdale School.

Click here to watch it on our YouTube channel.

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Stop Motion Animation

We had such fun over at Southfields CLC making stop motion animated films.  Stop-motion (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

We worked in different teams, first storyboarding and planning, then filming, editing – and adding captions and music/sound effects.  I have compiled all our finished movies into three films.

Film One is here.

Film Two is here.

Film Three is here.

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Sign the Guestbook!

[slideguest id=2954361355586630387&w=426&h=320]

It’s always great to hear from everyone – sign our guestbook and say hello!


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New Slideshow Software –

Hiya, I have discovered a new tool for you to play with.  It’s different from Flixtime. One thing I like about it is that you can upload more than one picture at a time from your computer. (Just highlight however many you want, then click upload).  Also, you can add text to each slide – very good when referencing what is what in a picture.

The choice of music is…. erhm…. a bit noisy for my tastes – but I am sure you will enjoy it!  Anyway, have a play with it and tell me what you think.  Click here to watch the  Slideshow that I made, showcasing the many Flixtime videos we have already made.  If you do make any – post the url for it in the comment box, so we can find it.  I have started a group within and I can add you as a member if you make any Slideshows, then we can share amongst ourselves. Good luck!

If you do open an account with them (it’s free), please remember to please USE YOUR USER NAME (not your real name).

Breaking news:  one of you has already sussed out the new software!

Click the picture, or here to have a look at it…

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