Our Flixtime Movies

Haiti is a lovely movie made by Malachi, with a very haunting piece of music to go with it.

Animals Cate has done a Flixtime called ‘Animals’.  I really enjoyed her use of text slides throughout it!

I am really enjoying the way you have embraced this new technological tool, and I have noticed that some of you now actually seem to be able to use it better than me – I have been asking you questions about what to do !!!!!

We can share our tips of the trade etc etc below.  If you come across any great sites for finding good quality images (you will notice these ones on this video are good quality – they don’t ‘pixelate’) share your links with the rest of us!  I will find a place to collect our links on one page, so we can easily access them.

If you want to know where to send your url link to your videos,  so I can put them on our page, check out the reply I left to Kafis comment under the ‘Flixtime – movie magic’ post.

Flora fantasies – by Atiya

Cutest Cats – by Atiya 🙂

Fish – by Kafi.   An interesting tale (excuse the pun), this one.  Well done, now you are progressing to using the test features, and combining words and pictures to make a story.  This made me giggle Kafi…. 🙂

Mario – by Kafi.  Again, good use of text – it was almost like the images were then arranged into chapters.  Enjoyed the music change when it came to the text ‘random’… !    Mario is a well-loved figure, I can see lots of people enjoying this.

We have been talking at school of using photographs you yourself have taken around school perhaps….. lets just see where our Flixtime journey takes us!

The rest of you who have made Flixtimes, but not sent me the url – remember to send it to our school guestbook email address.

Spain by Cate.  I have to say, I did get rather hungry watching this one!

Tour of London – by Cate.  Very British!  Great how you have done two different places Cate, both London and Spain.  I can see when we come to use it at school for a given topic, you will be able to help me when I get stuck!

Yippee – it’s LOTS of fun. A remix by Wendy, of our school.

Kafi has made some more Flixtimes for us – Smile and Emots

Shoes – by Cate

Hello Kitty – by Cate

Here kitty kitty kitty

kitty kitty

Love the choice of music on the All Blacks Flixtime

I am beginning to feel sorry for food…….


One response to “Flix

  1. Sarah

    Im so tiared its late and i watched these all PHEW im glad thats over

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