In here we will be having examples of our work – quick glimpses of your lovely writing, and pictures of your wonderful artwork and examples of your inspired maths!  Anything we want to add, in fact… 🙂

One Fascinating Thing About Yourself.

3.30pm. Later:  Hi again… as you read this, I am sitting at home with a lovely cup of tea!  It’s 3.04pm and you will nearly be getting ready to go home, so I thought I had better rush and get these words onscreen so that they are there for you to look at when you sit down in front of your computer and check out this website.  Later on tonight I will add a link to this, our Year 6 blog, from our main Riversdale web site.

4.30pm. Later, later… well done!  Some of you must have RUSHED home to do this (or gone in the computer room on your way downstairs), as we had our first replies in soooooo quick!  I am impressed.  Have added the link from our main Riversdale website to our year 6 pages here.

7.30 pm If you read Mystery Person number 10’s comment, and Riverdale’s reply, you will see that the rules of engagement have been…..erhm… expanded somewhat!  Anyway – I have just had a very interesting thought.  When your comments arrive, they are date stamped, and I look at them as I change your name to a ‘mystery person’ identity. And I am thinking ‘hey, I wonder what time the last one will arrive tonight!’.  Because you do realise I need to SLEEP and if you send it tooooooo late I won’t be able to post your comment on the page!  Lets see – Be kind to the Riversdale Elf !!!  (That means don’t feed her biscuits after midnight)


37 responses to “About

  1. yasser

    the animal im going to describe lives in africa is one of the four big cats it can run really fast and is the fastest animal on land

  2. Kacper

    Hello. The animal that I will describe, lives in a jungle but you can meat him or her in a zoo. He/she is orange but got black stripes. He need to have sharp teeth becouse this animal hunt for food and after he/she give the food to babys. This animal it’s a kind of cat but is bigger and more dangerous.

  3. Mystery Person 5

    Hi it’s me. There is one thing about me that I think nobody know about and its not that fastinating: I know how to skate and I’m preety good at it. See you tommorow Wendy 🙂

  4. Mystery Person 6

    Hi Wendy, I love this website. This is my fascinating fact about myself –
    my favourite sport is rugby.

  5. Mystery Person 4 again

    I have one brother and one sister and my brother is so cute and I use to drive about in a very bright car who am I.

  6. Mystery Person 25

    I can speak four different languages.

  7. Mystery Person 13 again again

    I sometimes call my mum, dad and brothers; names of people from our class! They have no clue what I’m saying!

  8. Mystery Person 13 again

    I speak more than one language.
    My brother is 0ver five years older then me.
    My dad says that “I turned from an ugly duckling, to a beautiful swan”

  9. Mystery Person 24

    I was born in a different country and in the city I was born in, there is an island named after one of my English ancestors.
    I walked for the first time when I was 10 months old.
    I have had 3 surgeries on my eardrums.

  10. Mystery Person 23

    I am a video and DVD horder. I have over 1000 videos and over 500 DVDS, which they are kept in a spare room. Oh yes I can twitch my nose.

  11. Mystery Person 1 again

    I like animals, I have a pet.

  12. Mystery Person 22

    Amy taught my children.

  13. Anonymous

    My grandmother lived to be 100 years old.

  14. Mystery Person 15

    When I grow up I wanna be a very good historian and I think that I will be a very good cricket player.

  15. Mystery Person 17

    I was born in a different country and my favourite colours are red and black!

  16. Mystery Person 18

    I have changed houses 8 times.

  17. Mystery Person 19

    I like loads of animals and especially creatures with 8 legs!

  18. Mystery Person 20

    I speak another language.

  19. Mystery Person 21

    When I was born I was the size of my mums hand!

  20. Mystery Person 14

    I am a neat freak and like everything tidy, everything has a place to live, but the one thing that makes me cringe and think!!! is washing up cutlery!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I like this one! I consider myself to be tidy. I do not like mud and once when my son was a baby I washed all the wheels of my pram as it has been taken through the park and was all muddy.

  21. Mystery Person 13

    My dad was at a huge annual convention, which was on TV LIVE on the day I was born. He came to see me in hospital, then went back and my birth was announced on international TV.
    I complete the summer reading challenge.
    My mums car broke down and we had to wait for 3 hrs until the rescue people came and rescued us!!!
    I have won loads of prizes in school and out of school.
    I have done a 2 sponsered walks and raised over £1oo.
    I have done 2 marathons in two days.

  22. Mystery Person 12

    I can open my eyes for over 3 minutes! I could’ve done longer if I wasn’t tired.

  23. Mystery Person 11

    I love going to the cinema. I have a little brother in this school . Bye

  24. Mystery Person 10

    I got detention on my first week at secondary school. I have been rescued by a lifeboat. I have run a half marathon and pogoed 2000 times in a minute.

    • Gosh, Mystery Person number 1o. And I thought we only had to write ONE interesting fact about ourselves! Your enthusiastic response inspires me – and for anybody else reading this, forget what Amy said and you can write at least 4 fascinating things about yourself (if you want!). I wonder who you are Mystery Person number 10. I don’t think I will go sailing with you (just in case)… 🙂

  25. Mystery Person 9

    I belong to a community whose motto is “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”. And the name of my community is”Ahmadiya Muslim Community.

  26. Mystery Person 8

    When I was a baby I bright blonde ringlet hair.
    But now its all gone and I have brown hair .

  27. Mystery Person 7

    I was born in england, London and have lived in 10 houses after that. Now I am living on the same road as my first house. I now only live one house down from my first house. Weird!

  28. Mystery Person 4

    I have one brother and one sister and I am a girl. My fascinating fact is I look like my brother, and got my ears done again twice now, two little holes in my two ears

  29. Mystery Person 3

    I have toes that look like duck toes and are stuck together and that helps me kick when swimming.

  30. Mystery Person 1

    I am quarter Welsh and 3 quarters English.

  31. Mystery Person 2

    I snore very loudly and used to have a black dog called Scruffy. He didn’t snore.